Artisan Spotlight: Ruchika Grover, Borrowed Earth Collaborative

Courtesy of Borrowed Earth                                                                                                                                                                                    April 24, 2024

Welcome to Artisan Spotlight, where we catch up with the makers, crafters, and tradespeople moving the design industry forward while preserving traditional techniques. Ruchika Grover is the founder of Borrowed Earth Collaborative, a maker of stone products that seeks to translate the power of the natural world into products for the home, and the latest Artisan Member of the DLN.

Photo Credit: Suryan Dang

The intent is always to create something inspirational and in a direction which breaks conventional practice. I start with some sketches and a material palette, and simultaneously we start modeling in softwares. I am very tactile and like to understand the material, the quarry, the movement of veins in the block and the formation, to best be able to accentuate the materiality and celebrate it. We always create a 3D model of the pattern using CAD software.

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What is the most important consideration when hiring for your practice?

Besides the technical skill needed, it’s the right balance of left and right brain. We operate at the intersection of art, architecture, and design, so understanding the material and the business of it is important at every stage of development.

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