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Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff Launches Collaboration with Borrowed Earth for ABC Stone

An industry leader in accessible luxury handbags, accessories, and apparel, Rebecca Minkoff’s playful and subtly edgy designs integrate the elements of bohemian femininity with a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll. Rich leathers and suedes, bohemian-inspired prints, effortless silhouettes, and signature hardware details embody a woman who is both carefree and edgy. Effortlessness is perfectly blended with sophistication for an aesthetic that combines West Coast mentality with a Downtown sensibility.

“Experiencing the wonders of nature and working with stone firsthand has been eye-opening, unexpected veins and fossils show up in the middle of a block. It is unbelievable that the earth reveals millions of years of history in every piece that is extracted.”

— Rebecca Minkoff

It is unlikely that stone would inspire an idea of lightness and flow, yet the idea behind the piece started with the aim to create an antithesis of stone carved out of stone. To create conflict by employing the intrinsic material characteristics in creating formal expressions not associated with stone.

The initial inspiration came from a material frequently used by the designer to express her thoughts and ideas about creating lifestyle products, Fabric. From here came the idea that stone can be as light as fabric, maintaining its strength, resistance, and its intrinsic beauty.

The initial concept was translated digitally into multiple formal iterations using 3DS Max. The intricate pattern of cascading array of tube-like forms was sculpted painstakingly on the 3D software by 3D artists from BEC under the guidance of the design team.

Thereafter, it was analyzed by a programmer to see whether the design needs any modification in order to be fabricated using the CNC machines and tools. Very intricate designs often require of lot of consideration to fabricate within the limitations of machining and tooling in order to achieve the desired detail and finishing. It took multiple stages of tweaking and fine-tuning the form before arriving at the final design.