Sustainability Statement

Responsible Sourcing

Borrowed Earth ensures that the raw materials used to manufacture our products are sourced in a responsible manner minimize the environmental impact of the industry.

This includes using recycled materials and smaller “imperfect blocks”, sourcing materials close to the manufacturing unit to reduce transportation emissions, and choosing materials only from quarries that have been extracted in a sustainable manner.

Waste Reduction

Reducing waste during the manufacturing process can help to minimize the environmental impact of the industry. This includes recycling or reusing the “remnants” to create surfaces and objects. Our design team carefully analyses each remnant, be it from a block or a slab and identifies the ideal application, for these gifts of nature to be appreciated.

Sourcing of the blocks and slabs, right at the inception of the project, and ensuring only the material which is required is acquired and utilized in the most efficient manner. Borrowed Earth also invests in technologies, such as design nesting, efficient milling, which substantially reduces waste generation.

Solar Energy

Borrowed Earth implements energy-efficient processes and technologies in its manufacturing to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. At least 90% of the energy requirements at our manufacturing plants are solar powered, and we invest heavily in energy-efficient equipment.

Water Conservation

Water is often used in the stone manufacturing process, so conserving water can help to reduce the industry’s environmental impact. This can include using water-efficient equipment and processes, and recycling and reusing water where possible.