Effective Date: Sep 22, 2023

At Borrowed Earth Collaborative, we are devoted to cultivating a harmonious relationship between nature and living spaces. Just as we carefully select the natural stone tiles and panels that grace your residential or commercial applications, we are equally meticulous about safeguarding your privacy. This policy elucidates the nuances of the information we collect, our purpose behind it, and the rights you possess in this shared journey.

  1. The Essence of Our Collection

    • Voluntarily Shared Insights

      This encompasses the details you consciously bestow upon us, such as name, email, and any preferences or feedback.

    • Technical Footprints

      Our app may gather technical data, including your device type, operating system, unique identifiers, and the like.

    • Digital Diary

      As you traverse through our app, creating mockups using our bespoke designs, we may log data such as your device’s IP address, engagement timestamps, and areas of interaction.

    • Geo-Tagging

      If our app’s geo-centric features are in play, your location may be pinned but always with utmost discretion.

  2. The Alchemy of Usage

    • To enhance, maintain, and refine our offerings.

    • To tailor an experience that’s uniquely you – offering relevant design options and suggestions.

    • To fathom the artistry of our user interaction, sparking innovations and expansions.

    • To occasionally reach out, enlightening you about our latest creations, unless you choose to walk a different path.

  3. Sharing, But With Elegance

    Rest assured, your personal mosaic remains untouched. It’s never parceled out to outsiders, with a few rare exceptions:

    • Legal narratives that mandate disclosure.

    • Trusted artisans (service providers) who sculpt our services.

    • With a nod from you, our esteemed collaborator.

  4. Retention, With Reverence

    Your information, like our natural stones, is preserved only for its intended lifespan – long enough to fulfill our shared objectives and aspirations.

  5. The Sanctuary of Security

    Just as every stone tells a story, so does every data point. We are committed to guarding your narrative against unwarranted access or alterations.

  6. Your Palette of Choices

    As a partner in this voyage, you retain the artistry to:

    • Access, amend, refresh, or request a return of your data.

    • Ponder upon, and possibly object to, certain uses of your data

    • Request a digital ensemble of your shared data.

  7. Evolution, Naturally

    The universe is in flux, and so are our policies. When significant re-sculpting happens, we ensure you’re not left in the lurch. Be it an app notification or a conspicuous announcement, you’ll be in the know.

  8. Converse With Us

    We’re all ears, always. For any musings, clarifications, or feedback: