• Delivery: 
12-14 Weeks from the date of Purchase Order & 50% Advance Payment

  • The above prices are supply of material for FOB Los Angeles

  • As per industry standard, 15% additional quantity has been added, to account for wastage/breakage, etc.

  • 50% Advance payment is required and full payment before material is dispatched, or pickup. 

  • All the payments should be in the form of ACH, Wire/Bank Transfer, or Check. In some instances credit cards can be accepted but will vary by order.

  • For standard tile products, a restocking fee of 15% of the final sale will apply and shipping fees as applicable.

  • For slab or custom products, a restocking fee of 25% of the final sale will apply and shipping fees as applicable..

  • Returns resulting from manufacturing defects*, where Borrowed Earth is at fault, are eligible for a full refund within 3 days of delivery.

  • Returns initiated due to changes in the buyer’s decision or errors on the buyer’s side can be eligible for a store credit refund within 30 days. Restocking and shipping fees will apply.

  • To initiate returns, kindly document all potential issues, including accompanying photos of the product.

  • Contact us at info@borrowedearthcollaborative to initiate the return process.

*Manufacturing defects – beyond our natural variation 

*Natural Variation – By purchasing stone tile products from Borrowed Earth, customers acknowledge and accept the inherent natural variations in color, texture, and composition, as these are characteristics of the geological processes involved in their formation.

*Artisanal variation –  Borrowed Earth slabs and tiles are hand finished with each piece containing a slight natural variation in finishing and texture making each piece unique. Representations on the website or in promotional materials are indicative, and actual products may differ. 


All the prices mentioned are FOB Eastern/Central/Western Borrowed Earth distributors (depending on city closest to you and where the product is being shipped from. Inbound freight to your job site/warehouse is not included and will be additional. Due to the artisanal nature of the product and as it is carved in natural stone, Borrowed Earth does not assume liability of the product once it leaves the workshop/warehouse.

The majority of products from our series are produced to order. Whilst this means a highly personalized product, it also requires additional time for production, quality control and bespoke packing.

Borrowed Earth celebrates our inviolable connection to nature and attempts to recreate the innate joy of cohabiting amidst it.Stone is a natural material and natural variation, cracks, and rust marks are an inherent characteristic of the material. Color/tonal variation is an inherent part of the material and is celebrated by us. In fact, the Borrowed Earth Initiative makes a concentrated attempt to use remnants, and bring the natural tonality into your homes.