Borrowed materials. Pure. Natural materials, artistically transformed.

Borrowed Earth Collaborative is aware of its responsibilities towards nature and its resources. Using new technology and traditional mediums with care and consideration, without mutilating nature.

Transforming even the incidental remnant materials, into artistic shapes and surfaces.

Returning to the earth signifies a necessary and a joyous cohabitation with nature.

Borrowed Earth Collaborative Logo Earth


Accentuating natural formation and celebrating the beauty of the material.

Essential happiness of living in concert with nature. Surfaces that relate to each individual who experiences and touches it.

Stone is the building block of civilization.
It is eternal.
It is energy.
It is life.

Perfect Imperfection.


Borrowed Earth aims to collaborate with architects, designers and artists to tell their stories, their sensibilities, to their audience.

We will strategically collaborate with thought leaders in the realm of Art and Design across regions. This allows them to execute their expression of beauty, art, and form, whilst celebrating and showcasing the material’s versatility and potential.

Borrowed Earth Promise

To deliver balanced surfaces, which capture the peculiarities and complexity of the material. To use materiality and form to tell a story, convey a feeling and create awareness. To emphasize the perfection and the asymmetry that defines the material.