Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff Launces Collaboration with Borrowed Earth for ABC Stone

Borrowed Earth Collaborative Galerie

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While fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff may be most well known for her party-ready handbags and glittering stilettos, her latest creative endeavor comes in the form of six-inch thick blocks of natural stone. The unexpected collaboration was sparked when Minkoff reached out to ABC Stone during a kitchen renovation. From there, Lyndsey Belle Tyler, VP of marketing and creative directive director of ABC Stone, proposed the idea on creating something working with their partner Los Angeles–based Borrowed Earth Collaborative, a company renowned for its ability to transform natural materials into surfaces with a focus on sustainability.

That partnership resulted in Anthozoa, three types of bespoke panels—rendered in Taj White marble, Grey Fantasy marble, and travertine—that challenge the limits of how people conceive of architectural stone into pieces that are more of an art form. “Experiencing the wonders of nature and working with stone first hand has been eye opening,” says Minkoff. “Unexpected veins and fossils show up in the middle of a block. It is unbelievable that the earth reveals millions of years of history in every piece that is extracted.” Based on the patterns that form in colonies of anthozoa coral colonies, the large-scale works “represent the perfect blend of timeless beauty with just the right amount of edginess,” says Tyler. —Jacqueline Terrebonne