New York City Design Week Is Not Just About Sofas and Lighting

The NYCXDesign festival highlights dozens of new collections, while focusing on sustainable, equitable solutions to global crises, including climate change and food scarcity

Marisa Guthri

Handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff will unveil a series of sculptural art panels with Los Angeles-based Borrowed Earth Collective and New York’s ABC Stone. The first collection, called Anthozoa, comprises three panels carved of 6-inch-thick natural stone and will be on view at ABC Stone’s Brooklyn studio space beginning Monday.

“Sustainability is core to my brand and everything I do,” says Minkoff, who last year launched a blockchain-enabled sustainability tool and supply chain tracking platform. “Stone requires less processing than synthetic materials, but experiencing the wonders of nature and working with stone firsthand has been eye opening. Unexpected veins and fossils show up in the middle of a block.